Imagine you are deciding whether or not to purchase a digital textbook.

Which one of following features do you find most appealing?
Which one least appealing?
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Unlimited PrintingThere are no restrictions on printing of pages from your digital textbook
Digital textbook InteractivityYou have the ability to annotate, highlight, use bookmarks, and do keyword searches within your digital textbook
Traditional Book LayoutThe pages of your digital textbook look like book pages, including page numbers and a typical textbook page layout
Access Method: OnlineYou would access the digital version of the textbook by reading it online
Flashcards / QuizzesIncludes the ability to create flashcards and on-the-spot quizzes.
Access Method: Online ('Cloud-Based')The digital version of the textbook is online and is “cloud-based” (so that edits or notations you make in the digital textbook are preserved in your online version)